Vetbase VMS was designed and built by a vet and small animal practice business owner, to meet the needs of UK small animal veterinary practice. The software has been enhanced and improved over more than a decade of daily use in the business.

It is fast, lean and full of features designed to make a practice as profitable and easy to run as possible.

The user interface is simple and uncluttered. There is no eye candy because large buttons, pictures of kittens and non-relevant graphics are distracting and a waste of space, time and bandwidth. The only images you will see on Vetbase VMS are the important ones: photos of your patients for clinical records and important clinical imagery such as X-Rays.

The lack of eye candy (irrelevant pictures, oversized graphic buttons) means less scrolling, fewer screen switches, and much faster interaction with the system, saving staff time and reducing errors and waste, through a unique dashboard approach to patient and client data.

Benefits of using Vetbase:

  • 100% web-based: access from anywhere using any popular computer, Windows PC, Mac or Chromebook – no need to upgrade or buy new systems
  • Bomb-proof and reliable: available to use 24/7 from anywhere
  • No limit to number of users per branch
  • Suitable for multi-branch practices with no limit
  • No special setup, no need for site visits, staff training, new hardware or “plugins”: will work with any popular internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Explorer, Opera) from the last decade or earlier
  • No long term commitment : pay monthly on an ongoing basis for as long as you like
  • No need for on-site server, network or IT equipment, support or maintenance
  • Log in and control your data from anywhere
  • Complete control over client management including:
    • appointments
    • client management system
    • clinical records
    • invoicing and payment reconciliation
    • reminders by SMS, email or letter
    • document management system
  • Financial performance analysis on the spot
  • Easy to use and flexible for multi-site practices – works in such a straightforward way that no training is required
  • Integrates with NVS online ordering system
  • Fully customisable product inventory
  • Includes handling for all expenses and outgoings including staff costs, overheads and day to day expenses
  • Financial reporting including profit and loss analysis customisable for any time period