Web-based practice management system for vets

Vetbase VMS was designed and created in 2007 by a UK vet and a software developer working closely together to create the most ideal management solution for small animal practice.

The first version of the software was ready for the opening of a new practice in 2008 and further eleven years of daily use and evolutionary development of the system in a well established vet practice has resulted in a reliable, sophisticated, versatile system which is designed around the needs of vets and staff and has been specifically created and adapted to meet the needs of small animal practice.

Until now the software has never been made available to other vet practices. The demands of running a busy practice meant that until now we did not consider the potential for bringing it to the wider market.

The reason we have now decided to start making it commercially available was that we had been told on numerous occasions how good our system was (compared to others) and how it had many advantages over existing practice management systems in the veterinary marketplace.

Typically, practice management systems tend to be created according to theory rather than practice which can make the procedures cumbersome, slow, restrictive, over-reliant on custom computer installations, needy of technical support, patches and inconvenient upgrades, and in some cases may be adapted from less relevant generic health sector practice management software such as for dentists.

What makes Vetbase VMS different?

Vetbase VMS (Veterinary Management System) was designed and built from the ground up to exclusively suit the needs of a busy small-animal UK vet practice. It is therefore unique in being tailored exactly to the task and has been improved, enhanced and “battle tested” by proving its worth in constant ongoing use for more than a decade, helping to improve profitability, reduce waste, and increase efficiency.

Vetbase VMS was designed and built from the ground up to exactly suit the needs of a busy small-animal UK vet practice.

A long development period makes it extremely reliable, very easy to use, low maintenance – being entirely web-based; and highly effective in maintaining control over client data and patients without losing sight of the important function of making profit through ensuring close management of cost, prices and mark-up, payment receipts and credit control.

Vetbase VMS is a comprehensive system designed to allow vets and staff to quickly access and control every key aspect of running a small animal practice.